Monday tattoos at the shop

Typically I don't work on Monday. There are a few rare occasions where I'm at a tattoo shop on a Monday. Usually it's the last day of a guest spot or last day in town from a tattoo convention. Today it was because of the weather.  

Here are the tattoos I did today. First up is Natasha Reeder. She is the younger sister of my friend the late Jason Reeder. He was an incredible artist and good friend. I was honored to do her first tattoos. Jason we love you brother. ⬇️


The day of Jason's passing, Richie and I came up with this design. His trademark black beanie and the scruffy ass beard will live on forever! Check out the legacy of beautiful art Jason left behind by clicking the link below. 

Jason's Work 

Next up is some tattoos on Brad. I've apparently been tattooing all of his roommates. Nothing but love for these people. Thanks buddy! ⬇️ 



3-D Monster logo on Brad's chest.


Jägerbomb on Brad's chest. Pretty funny! 

Thanks for viewing!