Happy New Year

Happy new year. I uploaded 40 new tattoo photos to the current tattoos section. I want to thank all of my clients regardless for providing me with another year of Buisness. This year is off to a nice start with some fresh life changes.  

I have also made some changes to the online deposit feature and well as policy updates.

Thank you




Hello everyone,

I posted some new work under the current tattoo section. Also, I am accepting new clients who need medical scars covered. I have merged all cover up and medical scar cover ups under one photo gallery now.

I'm also away on vacation at the moment and will be returning to the tattoo shop July 21st.


Thanks for reading. 



Website update

It's been a while since an update. There's a new batch of tattoos in the "current tattoos" section. I also added some sketches in the "sleeve project" section as well.  

Sorry for the delay, between bouncing back to Baltimore and Having a family life things can get put aside. If you're following me on Instagram or Facebook you should be able to keep up with my work. 

See you soon


No more social media

I've decided to remove all my social media accounts and exclusively use my website. I don't really see the point of Instagram. 30,000 people aren't waiting in the lobby to get tattooed.  

I will be creating a new photo gallery of recent tattoos as well as an updated hard copy of work for the shop. I haven't done that in years. 

Here's a few tattoos. Look for more soon. 



More coming soon